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Is ceramic coating worth the cost?

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Ceramic car coatings are an extra layer of protection, lasting years rather than months with traditional products (waxes, sealants, etc.). The main purpose is to guard and protect the vehicle from environmental fallout (bird droppings, dirt, bugs, tree sap) and improve the overall condition of the paint. It creates a hydrophobic and antistatic layer on the surface so that dirt, dust, even raindrops will not stick to the exterior in most cases. Not to mention, ceramic car coatings add a fabulous gloss to the paint.

We use ceramic car coatings to add layers to the exterior paint to help protect it, since when the paint is initially applied at the factory, it is only 3.5-4.5 mils thick, varying slightly depending on the manufacturer. If you were to hold a Post-It note between two of your fingers, that is the average thickness of the paint that comes stock on a majority of vehicles (3.5 mils, including the base coat, color coat, and clear coat on top!) Therefore, that is the level of protection your vehicle has. Scary, right? The thin layer of clear coat on top is designed to be a strong coat of “sunblock” that lasts for a few years before your paint starts to oxidize and show major signs of wear and tear from car washes and environmental fallout. On the left-hand side of the picture below, the paint has been neglected and has major wash marring and oxidation. The picture on the right shows the process of a multi-step paint correction that brings the paint back to life. By correcting paint, we are removing bits of the clear coat, lessening the protection on the car even more. This is ultimately the purpose of a ceramic car coating. All in all, ceramic car coatings have incredible benefits: your car will stay cleaner longer, your car will be protected from leaves, staining, UV rays, water spots, and the list goes on!



  • Highly recommend…Adam and team did a great job and took the time to talk shop and give advice and recommendations for the care of my new truck. 👍

    -Greg D’Amore

  • Fantastic company, highly recommend! Adam and his team did a fantastic job on on our boat! It looks brand new again! If you’re looking for vehicle or boat detailing services in the Mooresville or Lake Norman area, I’d highly recommend giving these folks a call!

    -R. Patrick Hauser

  • Great work and results by great people. Took my stock 2500 and made it really pop with tint and debadging. Would highly recommend to anyone!

    -Andrew Moore


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