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“Dude, your car is gross!”

Interior car detailing is just as important, if not more important, than the exterior. The interior is where all of the bacteria from food spills, dirt, and debris as well as pet dander hangs out. It’s hard to see the effect that these intruders have had on the interior of your vehicle until you get it detailed, and the results are astonishing.

Vacuuming the interior of a vehicle can completely change the appearance of the vehicle. A high-powered vacuum with a small nozzle can reach every crack and crevice in a vehicle, including in between the seats and under the carpeted mats. Vacuuming removes loose particles that are hiding within the interior of your vehicle. Dogs are a man’s best friend, that’s for sure, but dog hair is nobody’s friend. Pet hair can be tedious to get out of the fibers of your seats on your own, the vacuums we use are high-powered and have a variety of different extensions, allowing us to reach spots that pet hair falls into that no regular vacuum can reach. It is also important to keep your trunk clean too; not only will vacuuming and cleaning it improve the appearance of the trunk but clearing out large clutter (sports equipment, furniture and/or boxes) can actually improve the gas mileage!

When it comes to staining, another common interior imperfection, how it is detailed depends on the type of material. With cloth seats, grime can discolor the fabric, as well as begin the process for bacteria to breed and cause odors and/or make you sick. These stains can be cleaned by hand sometimes but other times it needs to be steam cleaned, followed by the application of a fabric protectant to ensure that stains will be a minimal occurrence in the future. For leather seats, staining can still be an issue, but more so cracks and rips in the leather are a great place for dirt, grease, or grime to get lodged and make them more obvious. To clean leather and to keep cracks and rips to a minimum, having the leather shampooed with appropriate leather shampoo and a brush can help eliminate contaminants and keep your seats as clean as possible. It is not always recommended that leather be treated with steam (as with cloth seats), unless in particularly extreme circumstances. Lastly, a protectant can be applied to your seats and can prevent cracks and rips in the leather.

Cleaning the surfaces of the interior is just as important as the seats and carpets. Your dashboard and steering wheel are often places that are overlooked when it comes to cleanliness. Dust particles can accumulate on the dashboard and can fog your visibility of the gauges. Also, the steering wheel collects millions of germs, and a quick wipe-down with a professional disinfectant can make your steering wheel feel brand-new and smooth to the touch. Click here for another short blog on the actual study of how dirty most steering wheels are.

As far as extreme problems that can occur within the interior, bacteria causing odors and mold are two of the most common. Bacteria from old food, pets, and people get trapped in seats, carpets, and other material types. One technique we specialize in for odor/mold removal is ozone treatment. We use an ozone machine that essentially destroys odor-causing bacteria, leaving your interior smelling fresh and cleansed. The ozone molecules chemically bond to the air particles, eliminating any unwanted smells and purifying the air. Mold, the other issue within the interior, can be caused by spilled liquids or foods and can easily be forgotten about. With the heat on this winter, it becomes a breeding ground for mold. Our process for mold removal requires multiple steps and includes steam cleaning, as well as purification ozone treatment. We have treated vehicles with only one tiny spot of mold, and we have treated vehicles that had to be completely emptied, seats, and all, to treat the source of the mold. Mold is not only worrisome, but it can be very dangerous, carrying opportunities for illness and infections.

Windows are one of the most important surfaces in your vehicle to keep clean, because it directly affects your visibility! Spraying the windows with window-cleaner and wiping it with a glass micro-fiber towel (to ensure no streaks or dust will be left behind) will greatly improve the condition and visibility of your windows. Also, if you are a smoker, or someone smokes while in your vehicle, the nicotine will collect on the interior glass and cause a haze that is difficult to remove and will require multiple cleanings to completely remove.

Cleaning and caring for your carpets, seats, and interior surfaces are very important. We recommend having your carpets professionally shampooed at least two times a year to keep them looking their best. As far as seats go, once you see what you’ve been sitting in after we complete a detail, you won’t want to go too long without another interior detail ever again! Take care of the inside of your vehicle as well as the safety of your passengers by getting the interior detailed multiple times a year.



  • Highly recommend…Adam and team did a great job and took the time to talk shop and give advice and recommendations for the care of my new truck. 👍

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