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  1. Myths & Facts of Detailing

    A lot of the uncertainty surrounding detailing and whether or not it actually benefits your vehicle comes from false information. Regardless of whether or not you have stuck to these ideas your whole life, or your neighbor keeps giving you these car washing tips, we thought we’d debunk some of the most common myths for […]

  2. Winter Season

    As the weather outside finally starts to get colder, your vehicle is most likely one of the last things on your mind. You’re ready for the holidays, and the break from school and work, but the winter can have a really harsh effect on your vehicle on both the exterior and interior. The most common ailment […]

  3. The Importance of Interior Purification

    Detailing the interior of a vehicle is just as important, if not more important, than the exterior. The interior is where all of the bacteria from food spills, dirt and debris as well as pet dander hangs out. It’s hard to see the effect that these intruders have had on the interior of your vehicle […]

  4. Fall Season

    Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. With everything edible becoming pumpkin-flavored and the leaves beginning to change brings along with it some different environmental factors that can cause wear and tear to your vehicle’s appearance. Walking outside and seeing your vehicle covered in leaves might sound cool, but removing the […]

  5. Ceramic Coatings, Paint Corrections, and Wax, Oh My!

    A nano-ceramic coating is an extra layer of protection, lasting years rather than months with traditional products (waxes, sealants, etc.). The main purpose is to guard and protect the vehicle from environmental fallout (bird droppings, dirt, bugs, tree sap) and improve the overall condition of the paint. It creates a hydrophobic and antistatic layer on the surface […]

  6. Why Detailing?

    Contrary to popular belief, detailing a vehicle is more than just providing a makeover for your vehicle. It will help protect your vehicle from many environmental factors, while also improving the overall appearance of both the exterior and interior; also, a well-detailed vehicle will always have a better resale or trade-in value. At times it may seem easier, faster, and/or […]