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Why Detailing?


Why Should I Consider Getting My Car Detailed?

Contrary to popular belief, detailing a vehicle is more than just providing a makeover for your vehicle. It will help protect your vehicle from many environmental factors, while also improving the overall appearance of both the exterior and interior; also, a well-detailed vehicle will always have a better resale or trade-in value. At times it may seem easier, faster, and/or cheaper to detail your vehicle on your own, however the “DIY” method may end up causing some unexpected damage to your vehicle. So, we want to share some tips, tricks, and the inside scoops into many simple detailing methods and even some secrets with our all of our clients and fellow detailers at heart!

Detailing a vehicle is definitely not just the as simple as a car wash as many people assume. It takes time and care to wash a vehicle properly, and all of the other details, like applying polish (wax/sealants or even coatings), vacuuming, removing odors, or just general cleaning have so many factors that at first seem simple but can become overwhelming. A detailed car is more protected than a car that is simply washed on the exterior.

The exterior layer of protection that comes stock (the clear coat) on a vehicle is minimal at best, (3.5 mils) and it barely protects against the elements on a daily basis, allowing water spots, scratches to afflict the paint. We have a variety of professional products that offer a varying level of protection for your vehicle. Once the paint is corrected to your liking choose the best level of protection that makes the most sense to your vehicles needs, more to come on this next week. For the interior it’s amazing how many allergens, dirt particles, debris, and bacteria live in between the seats or even on the steering wheel! Any spilled food or drink can easily be forgotten about and eventually become a breeding ground for tons of bacteria. The importance of interior purification is often overlooked, so it’s really important to have the interior detailed as often as possible. Having your car vacuumed, shampooed/steam cleaned and cleaned with professional-grade solutions and techniques can greatly improve the interior environment of the vehicle for you and your passengers.


We at Diamond Detailing advise you to get your vehicle detailed at least a couple of times a year to ensure that your vehicle is always looking and feeling its best. So, why detailing? Because no matter how often you use it, your vehicle is an investment that deserves to be respected and protected, regardless of who you are!